• Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V. (below: HbR) gathers the personal particulars that the visitor fills out in the various forms on the site and the data regarding his click and surfing behaviour. Such personal data are at HbR’s exclusive disposal. HbR shall comply with any statutory rules as set out in the Personal Data Protection Act.
  • Your personal particulars such as your name, address, residence and further particulars required for communication are stored by us (HbR) in a relation file and used for answering and executing the questions and orders submitted to us by you. HbR also uses the particulars to analyse the click and surfing behaviour and the acts/transactions (i.a. online forms) of visitors in order to draw up visitor profiles. Such profiles are used by HbR to perfect its range of products and services on this site and to be able to offer visitors to the site tailor-made products and services from the entire range provided by HbR and the Rotterdam port and industrial complex
  • At the request of third parties within the Rotterdam port and industrial complex, HbR may perform port-oriented marketing campaigns with visitors’ addresses, whereby only HbR has exclusive access to the personal particulars.
  • Where you would object to the forwarding of such information, to the providing to third parties or if you would rather not receive such information electronically, please inform us by sending a letter or e-mail whilst stating your name, company name and address and the statement “I had rather not receive information” or “I had rather not receive electronic information’.
  • If you would want to inspect, correct or remove the particulars we gathered about you, you may also inform us by sending a letter or e-mail whilst stating your name, company name and address.
  • During your visit to our site, we gather information about the address of the computer from where the page is viewed, the browser (type) used and the pages visited, the date and time of the visit, the orders placed through the computer concerned. This is done by using “cookies”. We are doing this in order to attune, to the best of our abilities, our website to the preferences of the visitors to our site. In addition we may use these data to keep you informed of interesting information and/or offers especially tailored to you. Storage and passing on of your particulars via the Internet are protected through state-of-the-art techniques. At all times you may object to the use of cookies by setting your browser in such manner that the use of cookies will be impossible.

Applicable law

These terms shall be governed by the laws of the Netherlands. Any disputes arising hereunder shall be settled by the Court at Rotterdam.